WE WILL FALL (Compilation)

Front Cover

Lust For Life

Back Cover


Catalogue #
Royalty Records: RTY106

September 1997

Brijitte West: Vocals, Guitar
Marc Diamond: Guitar
Danny Nordahl: Bass
Pete Lloyd: Drums

Produced By
Pete Lloyd & Dae Bennett

Full Track Listing:

1969 - Joey Ramone
Search and destroy - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Real wild child - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Ordinary bummer - Adolph's Dog
I got a right - Misfits
Gimme danger - Monster Magnet
Lust for life - NY Loose
Loose - Pansy Division
Passenger - Lunachicks
1970 - Superdrag
I'm sick of you - Nada Surf
Funtime - Blanks 77
I got nothing - D Generation
Down on the street/Little doll - Jayne County
Cold metal - Sugar Ray
Sell your love - Extra Fancy
Shake appeal - 7 Year Bitch
Sister Midnight - Bush Tetras
TV eye - Holy Bulls
We will fall - Lenny Kaye