FLIPSIDE R.A.F.R. (Compilation)

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Catalogue #
Flipside: Flip 69


Brijitte West: Vocals, Guitar
Gary Sunshine: Guitar
Danny Nordahl: Bass
John Melville: Drums

Produced By
Jonathan Daniel & NY Loose

Full Track Listing:

Every Fuckin' Time - Padded Cell
Scorch - D Generation
Supercar - Smugglers
My Beautiful Wreck - Fur
Swing Daddy Swing - Mad Daddys
Crack Pipe Johnny - Snap Her
Victim OF Circumstance - Living End
Nuke Beach - Skull Control
Thirteen Forever - Humpers
White Death Machine - Grey Spikes
Makin' Deals - Satan's Cheerleaders
Why Ya' That Way - Candy Snatchers
Tailspin - New York Loose
N.Y.C. Is My Home - Clowns For Progress
Cookie Jar - Trick Babys
Hangin' On - Wax
Gratitude - Black Train Jack
Heroin Geek - Ultraviolet Eye
Geraldo's Fishin' Trip - Raging Lamos
Goddess Bunny - Permanent Green Light
Big Mistake - Odd Numbers
Yeah Yeah Yeah - Teengenerate
Power And Fear - Special Head
Plant A Seed In My Head - Anus The Menace